McClellan and Liddy: A second look.

When Sarah Palin referred to General “McClellan” in the debate the other night, the first thought that crossed my mind was “What’s Scott McClellan got to do with it?” On closer thought, I rather like the idea that Palin, in her cheerfully addled way, was confusing General McKiernan with General George McClellan, the first commander of the Union Army during the Civil War. Ironic, considering the fact that Palin would be the first vice president since John C. Breckinridge to express sympathy for secessionists.

Since the McCain crew’s decided to make Obama’s tenuous relationship with Bill Ayers an issue, it’s worth bringing up McCain’s long-time association with G. Gordon Liddy. Liddy, one of Nixon’s crudest, nastiest henchmen, an advocate of domestic terrorism and murdering political opponents, experienced an inexplicable rehabilitation after his release from prison (where he served four years for his role in Watergate) and went on to become a kind of proto-Limbaugh, all but advocating an armed revolution against the Clinton Administration. He was every bit as evil-minded and vicious a creature as any Weatherman — in fact, he was worse, because he wasn’t a member of a fringe group; he was working in the most powerful office in the world. The fact that John McCain considers him an upholder of “the principles and philosophies that keep our nation great” is truly astounding, considering only a few years back McCain seemed like a relatively reasonable person.


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