Another neocon sounds off on the election.

The economic crisis has got the political ruling class in a panic for obvious reasons. For one thing, we’re already at the tail-end of one miserable war started to distract the people from problems at home, so there’s precious little hope of starting another one. As this particularly odious Wall Street Journal piece shows, they’re desperate for something — anything — to take the heat off. With America facing the worst economic crisis since the Depression, Fred Kagan declares that the election should be decided based on national security.

As we consider whether various bailout plans help Main Street as well as Wall Street, the subtext is that both are much more important to Americans than Haifa Street.

Imagine the quaint notion that Americans might care more about their own immediate problems than someone else’s hypothetical troubles!

s it possible that American inattention to the world in the coming years could lead to a similarly devastating result (as Hitler’s rise to power)? You betcha. .. the next president will almost certainly face Iran’s arrival at the threshold of nuclear-weapons capability. … Whatever the parallels between the current economic situation and that of the early 1930s, the current international environment is by any comparison more dangerous for the U.S. than the one that led to World War II.

You heard it here first: a country that spends less than a hundredth what we do on the military poses a more dire threat than Nazi Germany did in 1941 to a United States that had virtually no army at all! Is no falsehood too shameless?

The presidential impact on foreign-policy problems is much more direct (than economic issues). Skillful approaches can avoid or mitigate conflict; foolish ones can lead to cataclysms. And make no mistake — mistaken policies will lead to the unnecessary deaths of Americans, and not just our soldiers. Any American who wants to travel outside the U.S. can be directly affected by the wisdom or folly of our foreign policy. Even those who never leave their own state must be concerned, as residents of New York, Arlington and Pennsylvania can attest.

Back in the 1880s, this used to be called “waving the bloody flag.” Like all neocons, Kagan has no scruples about threatening Americans with unthinkable destruction should they fail to accept every tenet of the neocon platform. (Fortunately, the only people who read The Wall Street Journal either already believe this nonsense or are too wised-up to accept it.)

In Kagan’s weird universe, Obama is the petty nationalist concerned with mere parochial affairs like the national economy, while McCain (and his demagogue of a running mate) is a Serious Contender for whom international issues are the only issues. (What’s really shocking is that a neocon felt it was even worth commenting on something as puny and unimportant as a presidential election.) Worst of all, as Matt Stone rightly observes over at The Global Buzz, Kagan’s chirpy use of “You betcha” hints, not so subtly, that the grossly unqualified and ignorant Palin, of all people, is the “security maven” he’s got in mind. Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

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