Oh, Jonathan.

As Bill Watterson once put it: “How can kids know so much and be so dumb?” This NYT story about an insufferably obnoxious 14-year-old Dinesh D’Souza wannabe is the funniest piece of non-fiction I’ve read in weeks. Jonathan Krohn, a homeschooled kid who schooled himself on politics listening to that old blowhard Bill Bennett on the radio every morning and just wrote an 80-page book called Define Conservatism, is the Right’s latest darling, and his parents’ barely disguised annoyance with him seriously brings the lolz, as they say:

He still has the zeal of a missionary. His voice rising to a wobbly squeak, he grabs any opening to press the cause. “Barack Obama is the most left-wing president in my lifetime,” he said.

Mr. Krohn buried his face in his hands. “Oh, Jonathan,” he sighed.

There’s nothing sadder than a child prodigy whose parents aren’t wise enough to keep him out of the public. Mark my words: in a decade’s time this kid will be moping around his New York apartment in a bathrobe, staring out the window, smoking a cigarette, and muttering “God-damn it, Bessie…”


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4 Responses to “Oh, Jonathan.”

  1. A. Hill Says:

    well i mean he’s right

  2. smithiest Says:

    oh, indeed

  3. Spring Break Reading « The Arizona Desert Lamp Says:

    […] pities the fate of conservawunderkind Jonathan Krohn at the Civic Spirit. (And, shamelessly, I will point out that […]

  4. Laura Donovan Says:

    I don’t think his parents are doing him a disservice by making him famous. He’s intelligent for a young teenager, even though he’s misguided, so I think he has more of a future than you predict.

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